Children’s Dyslexia Center of Lehigh Valley

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Children with dyslexia need help and that is what we, at the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Lehigh Valley, are doing today. Our mission is to help your children. Our Children’s Center is located in Allentown. Interested in learning more about all the Children’s Dyslexia Center’s click here.

Reading and writing are two of the most critical skills we can teach our children. Children with Dyslexia have difficulty with these 2 skills. Our mission to help children learn to read and write. Below is more information on the center.


The parents of our children are so grateful to the Scottish Rite Mason’s program. Here are some remarks:

“The Center has been a very positive place for my child to come to. The support has made him feel equal to the other children he attends school with. I hope the Program never ends, the need is so great. Thank You.”

“It’s ironic that our school systems don’t even acknowledge dyslexia, or let alone provide a service for this program that affects nearly 20% of the school population. Thank goodness for the Scottish Rite Mason’s foresight and generosity in providing such a wonderful service for our children. My son improved his reading level two two grade levels in 50 hours of tutoring at the Learning Center last year. His self-esteem has gone through the roof! In October 2000, he was chosen as student of the mouth.”

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